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K.O.S.: Secret Operations download


Download K.O.S.: Secret Operations for free here. The game takes up the legacy of Counterstrike and both game-play and graphics proves that K.O.S.: Secret Operations is the new game for shooting your friends online for free.

K.O.S.: Secret Operations takes online shooting to a new level with the ability to improve your character's special skills. After each round of killing other players you can purchase new weapons and equip your characters with modpacks and bullet-proof vests. The array of weapons in K.O.S.: Secret Operations is large and all the new rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, pistols and grenades are available. K.O.S.: Secret Operations is great entertainment and if you liked Counterstrike, then you'll love K.O.S.: Secret Operations.

Download K.O.S.: Secret Operations 1.07.10
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Details of K.O.S.: Secret Operations
Operating system:
YNK Interactive
520 Mb
Date added:
Date updated:
Martin M. Jørgensen
End User License Agreement (EULA) How to uninstall

End User License Agreement (EULA) for K.O.S.: Secret Operations

Before you download and install K.O.S.: Secret Operations you should read the End User License Agreement of K.O.S.: Secret Operations. It's important to understand the agreement as it informs you of which conditions you accept, when you install and use K.O.S.: Secret Operations.
There are several places, where you can access and read the End User License Agreement of K.O.S.: Secret Operations:

You can visit YNK Interactive by clicking here and find the newest version of it on the website.

You can also access the End User License Agreement through Google by clicking here.

Furthermore the End User License Agreement is usually also presented within K.O.S.: Secret Operations it self before the installation begins. For more information of End User License Agreement, please click here.

How to uninstall K.O.S.: Secret Operations

Should you wish to uninstall K.O.S.: Secret Operations then it's easy to do so. Here's how you do:
  1. Open your Windows Control Panel
  2. Select “Add/Remove programs”
  3. Find K.O.S.: Secret Operations, mark it and choose "Uninstall"
  4. Follow the process on your screen
Should K.O.S.: Secret Operations has been damaged or corrupted and thereby difficult to remove we can recommend you finding help to uninstall it here.