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10 of the best tips and tricks for Windows 10

10 of the best tips and tricks for Windows 10 download

There are many more features in Windows 10 than you might have thought of using. But there are also some features that are really useful for the individual and that can make everyday use of Windows more effective. Additionally, it can also reduce the changes of getting tenosynovitis when reducing the use of the mouse and use keyboard shortcuts instead.

We have found 10 tips and tricks that we like to share with you.
1. Hotkeys
As mentioned above, it's a good idea to take care of your wrists and avoid getting tenosynovitis. Therefore, you should use the keyboard more than the mouse. If you have a mouse pad or roller mouse, the use of the mouse is not as bad. But instead of having to move the mouse, you can save a lot of time by simply pressing a hotkey. Most keyboard shortcuts you might know already, but maybe you just forgot them and need a brush up.
2. Switch between windows
Alt + Tab switches between the windows you have open on your computer. If your cursor is active in Word, the Alt key is also used within the program and might be confusing you. But just press Tab to switch to the next window. If you have many windows open, it may take a long time to get to the window you just passed, so if you hold down the Shift key too, it will go backwards when you press Tab.
3. Organize your screen
If you press the Windows key, you can organize windows on the screen. That way you can view multiple windows at once or get an overview of the windows you have open. This allows you to choose between them. It is also a way to quickly switch between windows while having them organized.
4. Create virtual desktops
If you have lots of windows on your desktop and you want to open multiple windows or would you like to organize your desktop with different categories, you can create multiple desktops using Windows + Ctrl + D. You can switch between the desktops using Windows + CTRL. A really neat feature is that you can move a window from one desktop to another. If you want to close a virtual desktop again, press Windows + CTRL + F4
5. Gamer Life in Windows
Now Windows is also for gamers. If you are a gamer and you would like to record games in Windows, you can use the Xbox app to record games in Windows. Press Windows + Alt + R to start and stop recording the game. There is an extended support for DirectX12 and you can stream your Xbox games on Windows through the Xbox app.
6. A couple of great shortcuts
Windows + Tab shows what tasks you have open on your computer and allows you to choose between them. Windows + arrow keys. Here you can move the active window on the screen. For example you can see what's underneath.
7. Cortana - Voice control on your desktop
Windows has gotten its own voice control program called Cortana. That means you can speak instead of typing. You can also ask Cortana for advice via the Edge browser and get the program to come up with information about the page you are surfing on without even leaving it. At the same time you can also highlight words you do not necessarily understand and get Cortana to respond to what it means. An explanation will show up in the right side.
8. Draw Edge
If you would like to highlight some areas on a website, you can use the small drawing feature in Edge. You can save and send what you have drawn to your friends. It is a really neat feature. Many people have often needed this feature in the past, but could not do this without copying the website and opening it in a drawing program, and then save it and send it in an email. Now it’s only a few clicks to do the same task.
9. Start menu
We should have mentioned this as the first point, since it is one of the things most Windows users had been missing in previous versions. The Start menu now includes a small list of programs you can use. It is displayed as small squares, as you know from Windows 8.
10. Divine settings
The last feature or the last tip, that we will reveal is the function called "GodMode". Here you can gather all your settings in an alphabetical list for almost all of Windows. This makes it much easier to navigate between options and control panel when you need to change anything. To add this option, you must create a folder and name it GodMode {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. Once you've created the folder and press Enter, the GodMode is activated.

There are a few more shortcut keys and nifty little features that you can enjoy for Windows 10 for both the Home version and the Pro version. Explore yourself and find the tips and tricks that you find useful.