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5 tips to choose the right gamer chair

5 tips to choose the right gamer chair download

If you play a lot of computer, or you just sit for many hours in front of the screen, a gamer chair can be a really good investment. It provides good support and helps for a good posture. The improved posture is mainly due to the fact that a gamer chair has a high backrest, which keeps your head in the right position and relieves both back and neck. In addition, gamer chairs have armrests that help keep your arms still.

A gamer chair may seem expensive compared to a regular cheap office chair, but it is well worth prioritizing. Many people suffer from pain in the back, lower back and neck, which is often due to poor sitting conditions. If we can relieve or even prevent body aches with the help of a chair, it is definitely worth the money to invest in a good gamer chair. If you are in doubt about what exactly to look for in specifications, you can always look at tests or this guide to the best gamer chairs.

Otherwise, here are five tips on what you can look for when it comes to finding your next gamer chair.

1) Price - choose a gamer chair according to your budget

It is a good idea to start by setting a budget. Gamer chairs can cost anywhere from $ 500 to many thousands of dollars. There is usually a correlation between price and quality, but it is not certain you need the most expensive chair. Conversely, it may be money well spent if you sacrifice a little more to get higher up the quality ladder. Either way, it's a good idea to think about your budget before you start looking at gamer chairs. That way you know what price range you should be looking at - and then you do not risk being tempted by extra expensive chairs.

2) Choose the right size

It's about finding a gamer chair that fits your body and your physique. Look for weight capacity - it goes without saying that you should choose a chair that can carry you. Here it is also important to distinguish between gamer chairs for adults and gamer chairs for children and teenagers. In addition, the size also depends on the actual dimensions of the chair. The height and width of the backrest should suit your height and physique.

It is also important to consider the seat height of the chair. The seat height must fit both your desk and the length of your legs. If you have short legs but at the same time a high desk, it can be tricky to find a gamer chair where you can both reach the floor and get an optimal posture in the shoulders.

3) Consider the material - imitation leather, fabric or mesh?

Many gamer chairs are made of PU leather - also called artificial leather. It is a practical material that lasts well without much maintenance and that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth. In addition, PU leather is a relatively inexpensive material, while providing many design options. Therefore, it is also a popular material among the manufacturers. A disadvantage of PU leather, however, is that the material is not very breathable. If you tend to sweat, you may therefore need to choose a different material.

There are also gamer chairs in fabric and mesh. These materials give the chair a more minimalist and elegant look and better breathability. Many adults prefer gamer chairs made of fabric or mesh, as PU leather can easily become a bit too "racer-like", which in many cases fits better in the teenage room.

4) Purchase equipment for the gamer chair

If it is difficult to get the height of the chair and desk to fit together, you can advantageously buy a footstool. And before you reject the idea completely, we just want to say that it does not have to look like a grandfather stool! In return, it allows you to choose a good high gamer chair, while giving your feet a firm surface. This is because it creates a bad posture if your feet hang and dangle.

Another handy addition to gamer chairs are non-slip mats. They protect the floor from scratches and provide a more ergonomic surface under you. If you are lucky enough to have a raise-lower table so you can take turns sitting on din gamer chair and stand up, an ergonomic mat will also be really good for your feet and the rest of your body when standing.

5) Look for pillows for optimal comfort

It is also important to look at how the seat is designed and whether it is possibly well padded with cushions. Most gamer chairs are equipped with a neck pillow and a lumbar cushion, which increases comfort. Some, however, come without. If there are no support cushions, you can advantageously choose a chair that has an ergonomic seat in another way, so you get the necessary support.