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A DOSBox guide for beginners

A DOSBox guide for beginners download

When people download old games (abandonware) and try to play them, most people will find that they do not work. It's not because the game does not work, but because it's built for a completely different operating system, and for computers that are very different, from those used today.
DOSBox is the smart application that lets your computer behave like an old computer and your old games to work. But do not worry - it's only while playing the old games it makes your computer old!
How in the world should DOSBox be used? That is something most people are in doubt about. And so, we have made a small starter guide below, who would like to get the old games started using DOSBox.

  • First, create a folder for your old games (eg C: / Programs / abandonware)

  • Install or unpack the desired abandonware game in the same folder as above.

  • Download, install and run DOSBox.

  • You are now in a DOS window (DOSBox)

  • Here you enter the command: "Mount cc: / abandonware" and press enter.

  • Now your games are fixed and you can switch from z: to c: by typing: "c:"

DOSBox has now located the folder where we packed DOOM.

  • In our abandonware folder file Therefore, just enter INSTALL in DOSBox to install the game. The program asks you where you want to install it and simply type 'C'. Then press Y to create a new folder.

  • Follow the next steps for the installation process, including installation and sound. Basically, simply press enter on the key pad sometimes.

  • The game will now start and is ready to be played!

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