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All the most important news from Apple Event 2021 (October)

All the most important news from Apple Event 2021 (October) download

Apple is world famous for their eventful 'Events', where they unveil upcoming products, updates and news. These events are usually held twice a year; this year with an event in September and October. The events take place inside Apple's impressive circular base in Cupertino, California, and are presented by Tim Cook.

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New AirPods - cheaper middleware with better sound

AirPods have long been some of the audio industry's best-selling and used in-ear headphones. So far, Apple has had two variants on the market in 2021; the expensive AirPods Pro model and the cheaper AirPods generation 2.

The difference between the two is found in the possibility of using Spatial Audio in the pro version, but not the original AirPods. In addition, the pro version ends inside the ear with small customizable earplugs that go into the ear, where the regular AirPods hang in the ear without going into the ear canal.

Differences between the different AirPods

The step between AirPods and Pro has always been great; both in terms of what you got with how the design looked (the regular ones are elongated, where the pro version is short and blunt), how the sound is heard and the price. But in this event, there has been a focus on more users benefiting from Apple products; therefore, they have chosen to make a model, which lies between the two variants, in all the aforementioned categories.

The new 3rd generation of AirPods can be purchased from October 26, 2021 and is very similar to the pro version, but without the little nipples that go into the ear. The 3rd generation costs 1550 kroner, compared to the 2nd generation DKK 1129 and the pro version DKK 2220.

Similarities between AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro

Like the pro version, the new generation also includes spatial audio, which makes the sound more vivid, and places the sound around you, both in front, behind, above and below and to all sides, rather than the stereo's normal right-left sound. With adaptive EQ, the high and low tones of the sound are adjusted automatically when you listen to music, depending on the shape of your ear - microphones inside the headphones sense what you hear, and can then adjust various frequencies to deliver the best result.

Their battery life is also far better than on the 2nd generation; both in the headphones themselves and the charger case, which can also charge through Apple's Magsafe Charging.

The 3rd generation is also sweat and water repellent, so they can handle rain and hard training where you sweat a lot - but should not be taken to the swimming pool or bath.

The 3rd generation also comes with Siri installed and a better skin sensor, which can detect if the headphones are sitting in your ears, or lying on a flat surface or other places where they should not play sound to save power.

HomePod Mini - more colorful

There has been particular focus on music in the October event, as Apple has also chosen to launch a number of new HomePod mini. HomePods are not supported in Danish and can therefore not be bought in Denmark, but can be bought abroad and used in English (or one of the other supported languages).

The new colors are yellow, orange, blue, white and black, in a spherical shapen, with a nice luminous touch surface. The display has the same color as the HomePod itself. The HomePod is also particularly smart because it can be used as a communication device so that you can send audio messages directly to the device at home (so that the others you live with can receive messages with your voice directly), even when you are on the go.

The price of the new HomePod Mini is $ 99, which is a good price compared to how good sound you get in the compact speaker. In addition, however, it does not seem that the big thing has happened in the new speakers, apart from the new design. Siri can still tell the difference between different users talking to her and with multiple HomePod minis you can also still connect them so that they spread information and messages with each other.

Apple Music - even more playlists

There have also been minor improvements to Apple Music to make the music service even better. Along with the new AirPods and HomePods, Apple has also chosen to make the wireless music experience even more convenient. Apple Music offers an abundance of playlists, made and updated by some of Apple's most talented music curators.

So far, more than 30,000 playlists exist in their catalog. But in the future, it will be much easier to find just the playlist you are looking for in a particular situation.

Should you be having a dinner party, practicing yoga, kickstarting your pre-party, or using a playlist of old songs from your youth, then you can now just ask Siri to find some specific music that suits your mood. So far, you have always been able to ask Siri to play one of your own playlists or a specific artist or album that you particularly like. You simply say: "Siri play _________" and then you insert examples of mood or activities that you would like background music for.

Examples of the new playlists

In the event video, they come up with some specific examples of new playlists you can ask Siri to play. Among other things, you can ask for a playlist that can support you when you feel stressed and anxious, an exotic island playlist, music that is especially good for pool parties or when you are out jogging, or what about a playlist that suits you cozy board game night with your friends, or when you are cooking with your family.

In addition to this information, new Macbook pros were also announced, which with their updated hardware play well with MacOS Monterey and thanks to updated Apple Silicon Chips make the redesigned Macbook Pro even wilder; even with the missing touch bar.

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