Articles » Diablo 2 Resurrected: Hell Reopens September 23, 2021

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Hell Reopens September 23, 2021

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Hell Reopens September 23, 2021 download

The Diablo series is an action-packed game series developed by the colossal (and recently controversial) gaming company Blizzard Entertainment. The first game was released in 1997, followed by an expansion pack for the game that same year.

The original Diablo was a good selling game, though with some areas that could be improved, which was also pointed out by the players at the time. Some of the criticisms were that one did not know very much about the characters one was playing as, which made it difficult to get involved in this eerie world.

At the same time, it is also a proven fact in the gaming industry that you can not create a game centered around survival rather than death, where you do not get some kind of emotional or otherwise empathetic connection to your character. One of the ways to do this is by explaining their location in the world and what their goals are.

This, as well as a number of other concerns from the players were prioritized and resolved in the sequel to the already legendary game. Diablo 2 was born, now with improved graphics and a captivating story of demons, angels, heroes and blood exploding from defeated enemies throughout the Sanctuary, the name of the world in which the Diablo universe unfolds.

Rod Fergusson is in charge of updating this game, so this version can only be good.

Diablo II: Will the Diablo Brothers Resurrect?

We have written a previous article about the original Diablo 2, which you can read here - we have also included a download link for a demo version of the game.

In summary, it can be said that Diablo 2 continues the story from the first game in which Diablo was defeated and the soul of the mighty demon flew into a warrior who tried to keep him in check. In Diablo II, Diablo is at stake again - and this time, his burning desire is to ally with other, at least equally fearsome, princes of hell.

You get the opportunity to choose exactly the style of play that suits you in this action RPG - you can choose from seven classic archetypes that change the way you perform in Sanctuary.

Choose how you want to play with seven classes

The Amazon is a female warrior who, through magic and supernatural agility, fights her way through the powers of hell with a bow and javelin.

Assassin is the title of the female magician hunter, who now only works for himself and is an expert in martial arts and can use the shadows of hell's dark chambers to her advantage when she lays deadly traps out during her hunt.

The necromancer elegantly balances the boundary between life and death. Due to his magical superiority, he is able to summon skeletal warriors and large golems composed of severed body parts. Necromancy is based on poisons, curses and the darkest magic.

The barbarian strikes first and asks questions afterwards; he is immensely strong and painful attacks bounce off of him. His war cries resonate through the dark halls and gloomy forests of the game, inspiring his comrades-in-arms as they create horror in his enemies.

The paladin is a warrior wrapped in the purest light. He is the complete contrast to the necromancer. His power comes from an almost divine contact that he can invoke when everything looks blackest. His job is to protect his people and smash a few skulls along the way.

The witch has mastered the elemental magic, fire, ice and electricity - and due to her esoteric knowledge, she is able to combine them with scary, explosive, destructive and pacifying results.

The Druid exists in the wild, where humanskeheden does not dare to commit. Unlike the witch, who manipulates the elements based on magical principles, the druid has learned to tame them so that they do as he pleases. In addition to being able to invoke these powers, he has also lived so closely with the most dangerous animals that he can now transform into them and use their forces against the forces of evil.

Remastered: Modernized and scorching graphics

You still have the option to switch back to the original graphics if you just want one on the nostalgia - but in addition, the team has done a really good job of maintaining the mood and feel of the original version in the updated version.

With the modern version, however, you get a full-screen version that fits the modern computer screens - you can even play the game in 4K resolution.

All visual elements have been updated - from the heroes you play as, to the monsters you fight against, and the items you can pick up from their charred corpses.

The user interface has also been significantly improved, not only visually, but also in relation to the information it offers. You also get more information about your character and automatically join a party when you play the multiplayer version, as well as much more.

The game has also been optimized for modern platforms, such as playstation and nintendo switch.

More games you can try before the gates of hell reopen

If you have already tried the free demo we linked to at the top, or if you have an old version of the full game on your computer already, and have played it to the end, then we also have some alternatives you can look at to get the nostalgia feeling set until next week when the game goes live.

For example, you can get started with the popular Might & Magic 6 , which is a strategic war game that takes place in a fantasy world.

Or how about exploring the huge game Dragon Age 2 , which is a role-playing game where, based on your character's race and class, you must battle mighty monsters and experience the secrets of the world's nooks and crannies.

If you need a little more spookiness with role-playing elements on top, then you can try your hand at The Witcher . Play as Geralt, the witch hunter, and defeat spooky monsters in a row.

Final comment about Diablo 2 Remastered

Diablo 2 was and is an iconic game - with this remaster version, you can be sure to experience the same thrills that you did when you first played it. And conversely, if you have never played Diablo 2 and do not see the game with nostalgic glasses, then this is the perfect time to try the game and see what all the talk is about.

The graphical upgrades will let you see the old Sanctuary in a whole new light and you get two games at once: the distinctive and often praised gameplay with a layer of new beautiful paint on top, which just adds the finishing touch.

Diablo was released September 23, 2021.