Articles » Diablo 4 Quarterly Update - New Class, PvP System, and More

Diablo 4 Quarterly Update - New Class, PvP System, and More

Diablo 4 Quarterly Update - New Class, PvP System, and More download

The next quarterly update for Diablo just came out last week - this time, it’s the June update, and with it we got a lot more information about the upcoming Diablo 4 game. First of all, the game is set to release in 2023 which is probably earlier than expected in some players’ perception whereas others will feel like that is an ungodly amount of time for a game that has already been actively awaited since Diablo 3’s release back in 2012. I’m sure lots of players were hoping for a 2022 release just to make the release window a full decade instead of the skewed 11 years, but I digress. 

The New Class: Necromancers

Yes, who would have thought; Diablo 4 is going to include the beloved Necromancer class from Diablo 2, Diablo 3, and Diablo Immortal. However, the Necromancer does seem to have the fans in its clutch - after all, it is one of the most coveted classes in the entire game. So whether you like to summon the dead, siphon health from your foes, or twist undead flesh into unfathomable abominations, the Necromancer will surely be right up every magic wielder’s alley. 

The PvP System

Diablo IV will feature two multiplayer systems - a PvE one where you can group up with other players (mainly your friends) in order to conquer the Lords of Evil, and a PvP system where players can hash it out in specific areas of the map. Here, they can brawl it out and test their merit against like-minded individuals - and should you become the king of PvP in your area, the developers will award you with a temporary buff which marks you as a lethal enemy on the map incentivising other players to go against you specifically, in order to steal your crown; and maybe some loot as well? 

More Player Agency and Choice

Diablo IV will rely more heavily on setting players apart from one another in the name of diversity and player choice. This change starts with introducing a character customization that goes beyond choosing between two genders to a fully fledged character customizer which lets you change the appearance and aesthetics of your character - which will surely be a coveted option for most players. Furthermore, the game will actively encourage you to explore Sanctuary how you want to - and find the type of playstyle you enjoy. 

The game is introducing a new feature called ‘Strongholds’ which will radically change the way a zone feels and looks. At the Strongholds, demons of Hell have set up a base which it is now up to the player character to clear out; both for loot and for the safety of the world. 

Furthermore, you will also be able to explore various dungeons, local events and gargantuan world bosses that won’t be a walk in the park to clear. In other words, players are up for a rather monumental game sometime in 2023 if these updates are to be believed. Let’s hope Blizzard doesn’t end up failing as they have with most of their other IP’s over the past four years.