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Funny Game: Chicken Invaders

Funny Game: Chicken Invaders download

The game Chicken Invaders is a game that is impossible to play and not be entertained and have many good laughs. When you start the game the funny story begins - complete with background music and hilarious animations. The intro is a bit longer than in other computer games, but it worth your while, because it will add that extra flavour to the actual game. The story of Chicken Invaders centres around the chickens - they\\\'ve fed up with us human chopping them up, putting the on the barbecue and eating them and their eggs. So the chickens declare war upon the human race, and you\\\'re the only one to save us from total annihilation - while securing our right to fried eggs and chicken burgers! The story starts with you learning the evil scheme of the chickens, while you\\\'re ordering lunch - your lunch happens to consist of chicken burgers with extra cheese. But back to the evil scheme - the chickens plan construct a base in the shadow of the sun. When you confront the chickens you\\\'re catapulted 100.000 light years away from Earth. This is where the game begins. You\\\'re now in your spaceship trying to navigate back to Earth and shoot down attacking chickens with lightning, fireballs and all kind of advanced weaponry. In the beginning it is difficult to concentrate on the actual fire-fight, because you\\\'re hungry. But fear not - your fire fries the chickens and you can then eat them. Watch out for their eggs, which are bombs and quite devastating to your spaceship. Chicken Invaders is super-entertaining and very cosy to play. The combination with a detailed story, funny inputs, easy game-play, and the excellent background music creates a funny game that is easy to become addicted to. Chicken Invaders takes up 13 MB and only costs $19.95. Download Chicken Invaders for free here