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IT Predictions For 2017

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It can be hard to precisely predict the future, but through identifying key developments and macro trends, you can get a clear picture of what is going to happen in a specific industry. The IT sector is one of the most thriving sectors today with plenty of innovations. Below is a collection of IT predictions for 2017 according to experienced analysts:

Connectivity of Autonomous Cars

While autonomous cars have been in development for a while, in 2017 it is anticipated that they will be finally connected to the network. They will rely on next-gen connectivity options as network operators, car companies, governments and other private entities also explore the formal case, technology options, and benefits of connectivity. This will significantly improve the traffic flow and general transport systems.


More Funding for AI and Machine Learning

With a huge potential return in store for whichever company can finally crack the artificial intelligence nut, there will be plenty of funding for innovative ideas. However, do not expect top quality results all around. A large percentage of these tech start-ups are going to crash without ever making a profit. Nevertheless, there will be a small amount that will truly drive deep innovation that reshapes the world.


Mobile Devices Will Maintain Their Hold As The Main Shopping Platform

Online consumers are getting younger nowadays. In fact, in the previous years, there has been a slow shift towards targeting the younger generation. This means processing an increasingly large number of mobile purchases. The impact of this shift to mobile will be felt more clearly in 2017, especially in how companies make their websites more mobile friendly and display their products in such a way that clients can easily navigate on websites such as


Incorporating Social Will Be Vital For Online Success

Consumers have become smarter about their choices and have all the essential tools to look for the best deals. In 2017, businesses will take the next step in making their offerings more dynamic and social. It will involve developing videos for showcasing the product catalogue. This will not only assist in building trust for consumers, but also it is much easier to quickly digest video over the various social platforms.


Technology Is Going to Play an Essential Role in Restaurant Food Sourcing

An exciting prediction of IT in 2017 is that technology will change the restaurant sourcing process. Expect more food tracking apps that highly where each ingredient placed on a menu has been sourced. Local suppliers will now have expansive cloud-based platform that is going to ensure that they are always supplying fresh produce right from the farm.

These are just a few of the main IT predictions for 2017. It is certainly going to be a great year to be alive.