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Make the most of Emule

Make the most of Emule download

Emule is one of the most popular file sharing programs and for good reason. With Emule you can find whatever you are looking for and download it quickly. At the same time, Emule does not contain any viruses, spyware, etc., as many other similar programs do. In this article, we focus on some small but important things that can make the experience with Emule even better. Settings Start by clicking on the settings that you find in the toolbar at the top of Emule. After clicking here, this box will appear: Here you should start by selecting a different name than "http: //". Make sure there is a check mark in "Confirm closing" and "Activate Minimule". The last allows you to continuously view information about the different downloads in your system tray. Now proceed to the "Connection" section, located in the left side of the box. Here it is important that you restrict download and upload to max. 80% of your internet connection capacity, so you can do anything while the program is running. At the same time, you should choose "Auto-connect at startup", otherwise you may forget to connect when you start Emule. If you forget to connect, Emule stands open without downloading anything. Now go to the Folders section. Here you must choose a location for where your downloaded files should be saved. Here it is recommended to choose a folder other than where Emule is installed. Now you can move on to "Files ". Here you should tick the "Monitor Clipboard for ED2K File Links". Have you done this register Emule if you copy ED2k links to the clipboard and then automatically start downloading the file. Next step is in the section "Security". For security reasons, here you should tick "Also filter servers" and select "None" in "See my shared files." If your ISP is blocking Emule traffic, try selecting "Enable Protocol Blur", which will allow you to get traffic through anyway. You can set Emule in your "Web server" so you can access the application on a computer from another. If you do this, it's important that you choose a port other than the one that is the default and use one of the tmpl files that comes with Emule. High and Low ID If you have "Low ID", you will not be able to retrieve files as fast as if you have "High ID" in Emule. Under "Server" in the toolbar, you can see if you have high or low ID in the right hand side. There may be different reasons for low ID. The most common are: Error-configured routers If you are using a router to access the Internet, you must forward ports in your router to get high ID. What does not matter which router you have is that you have to redirect your external IP address to your internal IP address for all those eMule users. Error-configured firewalls It is important that your firewall does not block the ports Emule uses. You can change the Emule User Ports in the "Settings \" -> "Connection" in Emule, or open the access to the ports in your firewall. The built-in firewall in Windows is enabled or incorrectly configured. If the built-in firewall in Windows is enabled or not configured correctly, it will block eMule's ports and you will find low ID. In general, we recommend disabling the built-in firewall in Windows and using another, or it may be configured to work with Emule. Internet service providers block the ports Emule user You can often get rid of this problem by changing the port number in Emule to between 1056 and 65535. Try different ports and do not use anyone already used by other applications. Many online games use ports around 27015. The same ports will often work well with Emule. In the end As a result of this guide, we will advise the council to share files you have downloaded so that other Emule users can also enjoy them. This is not just for being kind and grateful for the more you contribute to the network, the more "credit" you get and the more and faster you will be able to download.
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