Articles » Microsoft Office, Google Docs Suite, or LibreOffice in 2018?

Microsoft Office, Google Docs Suite, or LibreOffice in 2018?

Microsoft Office, Google Docs Suite, or LibreOffice in 2018? download

This article will guide you to finding the best digital package solution for home, work or school. The three programs - Microsoft Office, Google Docs Suite and LibreOffice - have all set their mark in 2018 and we help you find the package that best fits your budget and your needs.

For many years, Microsoft Office has been a leader in writing software and package solutions. Therefore, the popular program, Microsoft Office 365, has not had much opposition or competition. This has been reworked now. Microsoft Office has not been outperformed but has struggled to the line of similar programs. Both Google Docs Suite and LibreOffice contain features that can edit and make your documents and presentations unique. There is the possibility to download both packages without having to pay anything, giving you a unique opportunity to personalize your digital work.

Although there has been a lot of development in digital writing programs in recent years, the development of Microsoft Office has not stood still. The programmers behind have made sure to further develop earlier programs so Microsoft Office is still a leading part of the market. However, Microsoft has chosen to do some of the programs, such as the new cloud-aware version, for purchase programs. Will this still affect future sales and popularity that Microsoft Office otherwise enjoys?

Google Docs Suite

Most students and writing enthusiasts know the Google Docs program. A program that has enabled virtual collaboration. The Google Docs Suite package is more than just Google Docs. This package solution includes applications like email, cloud storage and digital notebooks. As mentioned earlier, you can download this package for free. This version contains 15GB of cloud storage, which gives you ample opportunity to securely store all your documents. In addition, it is possible to purchase more space / memory (up to 10TB) as the version can be upgraded. The upgrade is called G Suite and costs $ 5 a month per. user. With the purchase version, of course, new initiatives include, for example, a chat and administrative functions. The advantage of this package solution is that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Sharing documents has been easier than ever before and the program allows you to work offline as well as online.

All in all, the Google Docs Suite and G Suite are some recommended package solutions. However, it may be argued that they are less flexible if you are on the go, as Internet connection is an important and essential part of these programs.

Microsoft Office 365

This program is, as you know, a buying program. However, this also means that it has some clear benefits that the other programs can not compete with on the same level. With Microsoft Office 365, you can easily work from offline to online to live. In addition, this package solution includes most features and applications such as PowerPoint and Excel. All programs most computer users are familiar with. Microsoft Office 365 can be argued to be an extremely competitive package solution in terms of both price and product.


Compared to the other two programs, LibreOffice is completely free. The package was developed by The Document Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization. This organization keeps itself through legacies and sponsorship. The purpose of LibreOffice is to create a package solution that contains all the basic and important tools you need for your digital work. In addition, this package contains new and different features such as graphical editing tools and a math formula editor.

... but what program should I choose?

The three programs are good and relevant in each and every way. Each with its pros and cons. For example, Google Docs Suite and Microsoft Office 365 are recommendable if you're working on a phone or tablet, as LibreOffice is not yet developed for all platforms. This may happenmostly seen on LibreOffice's app, which does not have a lot of features yet.

Depending on how much space / memory you need, there are also differences between the programs. It is therefore advisable to upgrade to the purchase programs if the need for space / memory is large. Google Docs Suite fits well with you who want a package solution where all applications work well, while Microsoft Office 365 is ideal for those who need a lot of space to save your documents. LibreOffice is ideal if you're primarily offline, because cloud storage is not possible. Furthermore, the mobile app is still for limited usage.

With these three programs you are definitely updated within the latest digital package solutions. In addition to being updated on the latest writing programs, it is also important to be updated on the latest software. That way, you are always guaranteed to make your work the best possible from your digital device.