Articles » New Expansion 02/28-22: Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons

New Expansion 02/28-22: Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons

New Expansion 02/28-22: Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons download

Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons will be released on February 28, 2022 and serves as the conclusion to a long chapter in the history of the Guild Wars franchise. The ending story is that of the end of the dragon saga; the End of Dragons, as the title implies. For the past ten years, the Guild Wars universe has been focused on the mighty Elder Dragons, which are immense primordial forces that bring destruction to the planet and absorb planet's raging magic before hibernating once more for the thousands of years.

After killing a total of five Elder Dragons, and losing numerous allies along the way, there is now only one dragon left that threatens the safety of the people of Tyria. The last dragon is possibly also the scariest of them all, as no one knows anything about it - we do not even know its name. We only know that it lies dormant somewhere in the depths of the sea, and that when it appears it is going to bed bad news for the citizens of Tyria.

Who will win in the end - and who will we lose along the way? Buy the new expansion and get answers to these questions. You can also download the game for free; in fact, you can play all the way up to max level (level 80) without having to use your credit card once. In that amount of time, you can have a lot of exciting experiences and get a good sense of whether or not this game is for you and something that you want to invest your time and money in.


The end of a story - the cycle is reborn and the end of the dragon saga?

Guild Wars 2 has always been about the terrible Elder Dragons, each of which represents an element or a law of nature and thus are primordial forces that are unreliable and chaotic forces of destruction. After ten years of dragon content, it's now time to end this chapter in the game's history. Since the title of the new expansion is 'End of Dragons', one must expect a somewhat magnificent and definitive ending to this part of the world's story.

If you aren't up to speed with what has happened in Tyria over the last ten years, then the status quo is that the commander (your own character) and their allies have managed to kill five out of six elder dragons: Zhaitan (death and darkness), Mordremoth (nature and mind), Kralkatorrik (crystals and anger), Jormag (ice and manipulation) and Primordus (fire and chaos) as well as the Lich called Palawa Joko and the fallen human god of war, Balthazar. Meanwhile, the commander has raised the prophetic dragon, Aurene, who acts as a prism that can contain and 'purify' the enormous amount of chaotic magical energy that the dragons emit when killed.

Now there is only one Elder Dragon left; the unknown water dragon lurking somewhere in the Infinite Ocean, ready to rise as the ultimate enemy from the depths, after 10 years of mysteries and eerie stories. However, there is a twist to the Sea Dragon  - see for yourself as the story unfolds in Cantha. 


9 new specializations - 9 new classes you can play as


Willbender (Guardian)

Willbender is the official warrior of Cantha who uses two swords to cut through their enemies.

They have high mobility and can thus move quickly across the battlefield with attacks that send them charging back and forth, leaving nothing more than a burned area in their wake.


Vindicator (Revenant)

Vindicator is revenant's new specialization - and following tradition, they once again use their ties to the spiritual world to connect with the legends of the past. This time it is two different mortal heroes who infuse the vindicator's greatsword with energy. The two heroes they can work with are the Kurzick leader Saint Viktor zu Heltzer and the Luxon tribe hero, Archemorus, who both sacrificed themselves to kill the corrupt militant (and later demon) leader, Shiro Tagachi, with whom revenants can also ally with ever since they were introduced to Guild Wars 2.


Bladesworn (Warrior)

Bladesworn are warriors who use a new kind of weapon called a gunsaber, which is a mix between a greatsword and a rifle. This weapon allows the warrior to both attack his enemies at close range and from a greater distance.

Furthermore, it gives rise to the use of new attack capabilities with the enormous firepower found in the weapon's ammunition chambers.


Mechanist (Engineer)

The Mechanist has created an ally out of solid metal and jade crystals. Infused with this magical mineral, the mechanic can charge into battle with a huge, protective mechanical robot at his side.

With everything from rockets and rifles to bombs and lasers, this robot is the perfect fighting partner as you move through Cantha's forests and seas. The mechanic himself primarily uses a mace to strike their enemies at short as well as long range.


Untamed (Ranger)

Untamed uses a hammer to slam their enemies into the ground. They use ancient techniques and magical constellations from the mysterious Echovald Forest to infuse themselves and their animals with primordial powers that give them unstoppable and unimaginable abilities.

Cantha's nature literally explodes out of their symbiotic attacks and this will completely knock out their enemies, long enough for their animals to jump in and tear the enemies to pieces.


Specter (Thief)

Specter is the new thief specialization. They specialize in darkness and shadow magic and use a magic scepter to make their friends stronger and their enemies weaker. Like a vampire, they suck the energy out of the nearby area and pass the energy on to their friends on the front line. They can literally bathe their enemies and friends in shadows and darkness, both protecting their allies and disorienting and intimidating their enemies.


Catalyst (Elementalist)

Catalyst is an elementalist who uses ancient techniques to manipulate the elements. They use a hammer and a small piece of jade technology that flies next to them at all times. With this little jade sphere, they can channel the four elements and throw the sphere like a bomb at their enemies. Through the magical object, they also gain access to Allied primal energies, which rise from the earth or fall from the sky and help protect them - everything from the fiery phoenix to the mighty elemental dragons will help the Catalyst survive in this foreign land.


Virtuoso (Mesmer)

Virtuoso is the mesmer's new specialization. They take their origin in mesmer's deceptive strategies, but the virtuoso is the puppet of the mind - and they are deadly. Instead of projecting themselves in the form of phantoms and clones, this specialization chooses instead to create imaginary knives and swords that they can throw at their enemies and stab them to death, at long range. And mental knives are even more deadly than real blades.


Harbinger (Necromancer)

Harbinger is a necromancer who plays a dirty game. They use poison to harm themselves and everyone around them, thereby gaining superhuman powers. Armed with gas-filled bombs, a pistol that fires poison bullets, and an assortment of various deadly elixirs, Harbinger Cantha's nightmare is in deadly form.

A new, helpful friend - say hello to Jade Bots

Jade technology has evolved a lot - and Cantha's citizens are now actively using jade bots, which are small robots that help with everyday life. The Commander and their friends get the opportunity to get their own jade bots, which take them on the journey through Cantha and give the player access to a lot of new qualities of life once they get unlocked for them and their expansions. And then of course it always helps that the robot has personality and looks cute; you can not complain about that.

Jade bots can help with everything from giving the player life when they are about to lose to the enemy, helping them fly higher when falling far down with their glider and even speeding up their existing mounts and more.