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Save songs from Spotify to MP3 files

Save songs from Spotify to MP3 files download
Spotify has taken the World by storm and many Americans has embraced this great program as well. Spotify lets you listen to millions and millions of music tracks from around the World. It's free to listen to music with Spotify. The free version is ad supported though. So if you'd like it without the ads you can buy the premium version for a modest amount. You can also enjoy Spotify on your iPhone and with other smartphones as well. But what to do, when you're traveling and you don't want to spend the entire budget on data roaming. Or when flying to your destination with no WI-Fi available? Just a few years ago this wouldn't have been any problem as you'd have had the music on MP3 files, but now you don't. Well don't worry, the problem is easily solved. Have you not tried Spotify out yet? Download Spotify for free here

Rip songs from Spotify

If you have Spotify installed by now, then you're ready to transfer the music you'd like from Spotify to your computer. You can select among different file formats to save the songs in but most people will be happy with the standard, which in this case is MP3. Experienced users might think that we're to convert the songs from Spotify to MP3 now, but that's not the case just yet. Actually we're going to rip the music from Spotify and then convert the music into the kind of format that you'd like it to be saved in. 1) The first thing you'll have to do is to download and install Tunebite. You can download Tunebite for free here (opens in a new window). 2) When Tunebite has been installed it's time to start the program. Then please select Save music in the menu to the left, right under the main category called Streaming. Then please select Sound recording with tagging or Audio / Music recording - Sound recording into tracks depending on which version of Tunebite you've installed. 3) Now please switch back to Spotify, where you just have to play the tracks you want to save into local MP3 files. Tunebite will take care of the rest.

Some good advices

-Shut down any other programs that might use sounds, while copying as this will be recorded into the tracks as well. This is like this because Tunebite has to record directly from your sound card to save the tracks from Spotify. -Some users has to restart their computer after point 2 before Tunebite can save music from Spotify. -Tunebite will automatically create a playlist with the songs that you've copied. It'll also automatically tag the saved music files with artist and track information. -You can easily use the saved songs from Spotify on your mobile devices, such as iPhones and MP3 players. -You can save the music in filetypes such as MP3, WMA, AAC and OGG.

Some info about Tunebite

Tunebite is in short probably the best program on the market to record, convert and rip any kind of music, movies and DVD's into other formats. In that way it can be used on mobile players an so on. And of course it can rip songs played with Spotify for you.

And a word about Spotify

For most people this software needs no further introduction but for the rest: Spotify is a program developed by Swedish programmers that give its users access to several million music tracks. It's very simple and easy to use and is therefore recommended to no-vices as well as to demanding professionals. Combined with Tunebite you can even save the songs from Spotify and use it on smartphones, music players and on your computer in offline mode.