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Everyone has ever had problems with spyware, and most people have also grabbed an anti-spyware program. But there are unbelievable many to choose from, so what should you choose?
Spyware Doctor is a very popular choice. At the time of writing, the program is downloaded over 1 million times each week. Spyware Doctor has received honorary awards from major PC Magazines throughout the world. In addition, Spyware Doctor has received the highest number of stars from a number of major competitors for Download, and in itself it has received 4/5 stars. The last star is not given since Spyware Doctor is not freeware.
Spyware Doctor is designed so everyone can figure it out. But the development is not just for user-friendliness. There is a well-developed technology behind the program, constantly updated. This makes for more spyware than any other program, and removes more of it found than any other programs can.
Once the system is scanned and cleaned for spyware, Spyware Doctors OnGuard ensures that your computer is not infected with spyware. OnGuard runs constantly in the background, and only alerts you in the case of real spyware. This means that you do not receive cryptic messages about spyware that are not available at all.
A complete program that will help you find all spyware, remove it found and protect your computer from new attacks. All this through a nice user interface that is easy to use. For this reason, Spyware Doctor, People 's Choice Award received in both 2005 and 2006.