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TDC came up with a nice big and pleasant surprise last week when they launched TDC Play. It's all about being rewarded with over a million free songs if you're a broadband or mobile customer at TDC. And it's not just amateur bands and MySpace bands, but new and popular releases, such as. LOC 's new CD, Xxxcouture / Melankolia. So if you are a customer of TDC already now, just click on TDC's (now called YouSee) music website and make a login. After this, the more than one million songs that can be downloaded for playback for free and legally are unlocked. If you are not a customer of TDC, then it is obvious to switch to their broadband now, as they have some good offers on both price, speed, security and service. See more about TDC's broadband here. We hope you enjoy the many songs that are ready to download! =)