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Video guide to SoundTaxi

Video guide to SoundTaxi download
SoundTaxi is an easy and fast method to kconvert DRM-protected music and videos to other formats like MP3, M4A (iPod), AVI (DivX) and many more - while you convert a a music or video file SoundTaxi automatically removes the DRM-protection, so you can use the media files freely. If you have purchased music online e.g. via iTunes or another online music store you'll know that the music is certainly DRM-protected. The DRM-protection limits your use of your own music and that is not fair. But with SoundTaxi you can now remove this "irritating" DRM-protection, so oyu can transfer the music or videos freely to other PCs, mobile phones, MP3-players and other devices. SoundTaxi also helps you convert music and video files to all kinds of different and popular media formats like MP3 and AVI. Sometimes a video guide is the best way to learn how to use an application and therefore we have a vide guide to SoundTaxi here:
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