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What is Spyware and how does it affect my computer?

What is Spyware and how does it affect my computer? download


Spyware is a term used to describe a long list of different types of malicious software that seeks to
gain access to your computer and your data. More often than not, this shows itself if your computer
is performing poorly/slowly, you see a lot of unwanted pop-ups when browsing, or your browser
suddenly have a lot of unwanted and useless toolbars. In more severe cases, keyloggers and
trojans could be installed on your computer. This kind of software will give the user access to your
computer, and the user will be able to mimic your passwords that you use online.
All this information is then relayed back to owner of the Spyware which in many cases sell this
information to a 3rd party. More often than not, you will not be aware of this happening to you and
your computer!
Most users get infected with Spyware when they’re downloading programs, movies and other files
on the internet - these files often contain the malicious software which gets installed alongside the
downloaded file. One way to reduce the risk of downloading unwanted files is to only download
from sources you trust. I.e. Microsoft, Adobe, Java or other trusted sites.
Many users prefer to keep their computer safe with programs specifically designed to combat
Spyware. These programs scan your computer for any unwanted and malicious files, locates and
deletes them from your system thus making your computer safe again. They also help making sure
that when your’re downloading any files, that these files are scanned for any potential threat. One
of the newest Antispyware programs is Anti Explorator
Anti Explorator is a newly developed antispyware program that help it’s users with detecting,
locating and removing malicious software from their computer. It’s specifically designed to remove
threats such as Malware, Keyloggers, Adware, Toolbars and much more. Anti Explorator is one of
the most advanced antispyware programs on the market, and is updated day by day as new
threats emerge constantly.
Anti Explorator is a unique type of software that quickly and efficiently detects and block new as
well as old threats to your computer, whereas most other Antispyware programs only removes old
threats – and then it’s too late!
Its primary functions are:
• Scans your PC for Malware and removes any threats
• Scans your Registry for any malicious files, removes unwanted files and repairs any damaged files.
• Keeps your Taskbar clean for any unwanted programs. You can stop and block any unwanted processes.
• Block specific IP’s and blocks any know malicious IP’s.
Anti Explorator comes with three different scanmodes:
Smart Scan:
Fast scan that searches your most vulnerable files for any threats. 
Complete Scan:
In this mode all of your files will be thoroughly scanned. This is the recommended scantype.
Userdefined Scan:
If you just downloaded a file or program you want to have specifically searched, you can use this scan.A very useful type of scan if you just want to make sure a file is clean.

After any of these scans a report will be made with a complete list of threats to your computer. With just one click you can remove all of these unwanted files.
Anti Explorator gives you and your computer the absolute best protection against Spyware, is user
friendly, easy to use and offers support any day of the week (Something most other programs
You can try a free version of Anti Explorator, which can detect and locate any threat on your
computer. If you’re tech savy you can manually remove the unwanted files. If you’re not familiar
with this we recommend you to buy the full version. The full version is priced only at $29.95.