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WinUAE allows running Amiga programs under Windows including games, and workbench, deluxe paint div files like ADF files, AGA, CD32 and HDF, and Utilities like kickstart 1.3, 3.1 and kickstart, cd 32 etc compared to a standard Amiga computer.
There are a number of functions in WinUAE, which means you now have a wealth of opportunities to get the amiga you've dreamed of - maybe it's an amiga 4000 who knows?
You also have the opportunity to get more frames on your amiga, not just 1 frame but up to 8 ram - uha uha! Even hard drives can be found in the panel where you can put your favorite game in.
Have you been one of those who have always envy your neighbor because he had amiga 500 with extra drives, so you are now one of the lucky ones with WinUAE can pick up more drives 3, 4 and more drives if you want to so you do not have to change the floppy disk constantly.
Because we all know the little dialog box that comes up in the middle of a game "Insert disk 8 " and you just sit and wait to move on, for Amiga 500, as most probably have been, is not known for its speed but for the huge selection of good old nostalgia games. And by the time it was too fast!
And you probably think "Amiga" who wants to play Amiga! The games are certainly hugely ugly "and yes they are because today's games are a slightly different standard, but for those who are to nostalgia and oldtimes memories, so is it a machine that you can write into the story because there are many who have used something that looks like a whole life in front of an amiga!
Can you just mention a few of the games I played and spent insufficient time:
Download has a good game like Lemmings 2: The Tribes. It is Abandonware, there are probably more on the way now, we'll see what happens.
Okay, now you've come so far so you'd like to know how to install WinUAE, and most importantly: How to make it work. If you read the actual texts through, it is a fairly complicated case. They use a lot of technical expressions that you do not understand at all. But in fact, it's not that hard again. It's about trying out and doing something wrong and everything looks hopeless. You can just uninstall and reinstall your emulator - it's done in seconds.
Step 1: (Installation)
To start with, download (or otherwise acquire) an emulator and a kickstart. I would assume you are using the same as me. Then install the emulator and put it kicked kickstart in the same library. For example, call your AMIGA folder so you know where to go when you need to activate your kickstart
Step 2: (Adaptation)
Now you need to customize the emulator for your computer. The first thing you need to change is the destination on your kickstart file. It will appear under the "ROM " tab. There you need to specify where your kick.rom file is located. Then you have to put the frame down to 1Mb. (There are some games that can not drive with 2) And then you come to the screen. It is the hardest one. If you want to do it just as I've done, check the boxes: Correct aspect and Full-Screen. Your Line Mode should be: Doubled. Your X-center should be: Smart. And your resolution should be 640 * 480. It may also matter what resolution you're running with in Windows, but you'll find it quickly. Now we come to the sound. The sound is a part that is hard to emulate. If your computeris too small, so you can only run with "half " audio and it does not sound good. What to do is mark: Emulate, 100% accurate and 16 bit. Then it works outright (in the games I've seen). Finally, make sure you save your setting, done under "Configurations ". You can possibly. try downloading a configuration. You put it in the library: Configurations. And it loads you.
Step 3: (Test)
Now it must be tested. You download a game. Possibly. Lemmings 2: The Tribes It packs you out and you'll find two files. One file for each diskette. Now you go up to the Floppy disk and insert a floppy disk into the first two disk drives. And then press OK. The game starts now. If the screen fills the entire width and it otherwise looks great, it works. Otherwise, you will have to go back and change the settings. You are going to: ALT + F4 and you are replacing diskette and same function on: F12. If the sound works perfectly and the screen works perfectly, then you have got the basics. and the game weighs :-D
Lastly note: According to the law, it is only legitimate to use these games if you already have access to the original or it is Abandonware / freeware.
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Download thanks Blue Ice for this sought-after guide.