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Simulation games are focused on simulating reality. These games can have supernatural elements but they are all centred around basic human activities such as controlling finances, building / making homes and families, supporting yourself or a community, and various types of communication among humans. 

Some simulation games were created as a part of a training programme whereas others were made as mere entertainment - you will find that most entries on this list are of the latter category. 

  • Planet Zoo download


    Have you always dreamed of becoming a zoologist, or perhaps had a dream of owning a zoo of your own? Do you dream about observing the animals in their natural surroundings or do you just want to build a financial goldmine centered around the animal kingdom? All of this (and more) is possible with Frontier Development's popular game. In addition to  fun and challenging gameplay, the game also features hyper realistic graphics when it comes to their animals, so y…

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