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Whether you're new to the latest technologies in vogue or completely behind and still nostalgic for the good old Nokia 3310, this article is for you!

We have selected the best mobile apps for travelers, which, if you do not know them yet, will simply revolutionize your holidays: like small city trips of the weekend or big travels to the other side of the globe.

  1. HERE WeGo

Our favorite for road trips around the world! The application allows you to download maps that you can then view offline. By using the application with the GPS of your mobile, you will be able to consult your itinerary wherever you are and without internet.

This application is currently one of the most successful on the market in terms of geolocation and it is 100% free!

As a bonus, it is also possible to consult the routes by public transport and by bike.

  1. CityMaps2Go

The latter is relatively similar to HERE WeGo in principle, however, it is widely preferred for the nice travels of the weekend. Once the map is downloaded, you can consult at any time and without internet, hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and attractions of interest around you.

By clicking for more details on each place, you will have access to more information such as general rating, price range, opening hours and Wi-Fi spots (super important).

On the other hand, you will only be able to download a limited number of cards in the free version of the application. In this case, a simple solution hacker: uninstall and reinstall!


Kayak  / KayakPro 
To make your reservations

Kayak is a beautiful multi-purpose application. It allows you to search and book flights, hotels, cars! The application performs a search by consulting several popular sites (, Travelocity, Expedia, etc.) and offers you a list of results adapted to your criteria, without having to navigate for hours. The app also allows you to create price alerts for your upcoming trips. Very easy to use if you are used to using a search engine

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile 7 and Kindle. Available in other languages. Free application - Ability to buy for $ 1.19 KayakPro, which presents, among other benefits, the detailed map of more than 100 airports.


XE Currency 
Because 5000 baht does not equate to $ 5000

Question of complicating life, the rate of foreign exchange constantly vary... This application is the most practical I use at all times. And the only way to know if I'm paying too much for the wonderful handbag I just found in Thailand is to take out my XE Currency application and compare the Baht to the Canadian dollars! I know I know, I could find the mathematical formula and calculate everything in my head ... but it's so much faster with XE! And if you want to follow the fluctuation of different currencies, it is also possible, and accessible offline! Simple like everything

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile 7 and Kindle. Available in French and in English. (Several other languages ​​available). Free app - Available in pro version for $ 2.29, without ads,


Trip Splitter: To divide the expenses equitably between travelers!

My new best friend, Trip Splitter! I often go with a friend or friends on a trip and the easiest way to calculate who paid what, and how much, back from the trip, it's with the Trip Splitter application. Enter your expenses as and when: restaurant, gas, car rental, activity, and especially, who to pay and with this amount should be divided. At the end of the trip, send via email an automatic report confirming who owes how much to whom! Simply magical!

Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod, English only. Free version for 2 people, pay version at $ 2.29 for 3 or more travelers!


Hidden Place 
The app that "connects" travelers to  "less known " places

Hidden Place offers lesser-known places in several destinations around the world, offered by travelers! Are you leaving for  Greece in two weeks and would like to discover something other than the Acropolis? Simply search the application on the interactive map  or depending on your interests (sightseeing, party, cultural visit, etc.).

Available on iPhone, Android. Available in English only. Free application



Forget the paper travel guides and get good headphones instead: that's all you need with iziTravel! The app offers audio tours in more than 900 cities around the world, as well as audio tours of the finest museums.

It is possible for you to download the tours and tours beforehand so that you can consult them again without internet: everything is well thought out! The application offers tours in all languages ​​including many in French. Finally, some visits are paying but no worries since the 100% free tours are the majority!



This app will simply revolutionize your relationship with your bank. No more exorbitant bank charges and exchange rates that make you upside down with every departure abroad: Revolut is the bank of the future, simple and free!

On Revolut, you can open an online account in 60 seconds that you can then reload from your current account with the desired amount. Finally, you will have to order a Revolut Mastercard with a shipping cost of 7$/6€.

Let's go: you are now free to pay and transfer money abroad at no cost as well and instantly exchange 28 currencies, including Bitcoin (for the lucky ones)!


Google Translation

What more can be said? The app remains the best in translation: your searches are saved, ability to save favorites and if your accent is really rotten, she speaks for you!



It allows you to know in real time all changes related to your flight and sometimes depending on the companies to register online. You will not have any excuse if you miss your plane!

In case of a flight booked with a price error, it is on this application that you can check the status of your reservation at any time with the reference number.


Luggage Hero

Luggage Hero offers travelers access to temporary luggage storage in many locations where they operate. A temporary luggage can become necessary when you arrive at your destination, but your Airbnb won’t be available for another hour or two, the day is still young, and you could go start a mini adventure already. Well, if you have the luggage hero app or visit their website you can easily search for luggage hero locations in your area and book for a storage space. Thankfully, the cost of storing your property with them is pocket-friendly.

Well, there you have it, the best applications that can revolutionize your traveling experience in an instant.