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If you are looking for informative and readable guides for Windows Server 2016, you do not need to search the web or buy eBooks. Microsoft has recently released two very useful guides for Windows Server 2016 that will help you understand even the smallest shades of Windows Server 2016.


These are the two free e-book guides published by Microsoft Press: 

Introducing Windows Server 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016


As the name suggests on the first eBook, it is about the basics of Windows Server 2016. The eBook is written by John McCabe, who works as Microsoft's leading senior service engineer. There are five chapters in this eBook and it is a very clear and an easy-to-read introduction to Windows Server 2016.

The eBook explains in detail how Windows Server 2016 helps organizations establish different security policies, such as protection of administrative accounts, user accounts, and user rights restrictions.

The eBook also explains how an organization can move towards software-defined infrastructure and which areas can be automated with regards to IT tasks while still maintaining a high level of IT security.

The second useful and free e-book published by Microsoft Press is called "The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016". This e-book is more concise than the introduction wizard for Windows Server 2016 and compatible Microsoft software. Therefore, you can quickly review its various parts and gain knowledge about Windows Server 2016.

On the other hand, this e-book focuses more on the technical aspects of Windows Server 2016 and how the operating system matches different levels of the organization. You can also read about the technical system requirements and how virtual machines work. There is also a section about Azure Network and SQL Server.