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Soundboks is a huge Bluetooth speaker, powered by a battery. The speaker is a crowd funded project and can connect to your phone wirelessly. With £650, you will buy the Soundboks and have a great PA system for any type of party.


Overall Design


Soundboks is designed as a flight case, giving it the appearance of music systems, you would find in a concert. It is armored with aluminum, and this makes it withstand being used in crowded parties. The front side of the speaker has a grill that has small perforated holes, which allow you to see the gigantic speaker, inside the case.


The heavy plywood that makes the Soundboks case is protected by the aluminum frame. At the bottom, there are metal balls, which mean that the speaker does not rest directly on the floor. Generally, it is weatherproof and be used for indoor and outdoor parties, irrespective of the weather.


The Soundboks weighs slightly over 30 pounds and has dimensions of 26 x 17 x 13 inches, which may be too big to carry. Fortunately, the case has handles on either side, and this makes it easier to lift and carry between two people. In as much as it is not that light, it will be possible to carry it to any party, with an extra hand to help.


The right side of the speaker has the volume knob, input knob, and a 3.55mm jack input. The light indicator will illuminate green or blue, depending on the specific input that you are using. You can read more news here if you liked this article so far.


Connecting to Soundboks


You can either connect to the Soundboks using the 3.5mm jack or use Bluetooth 3.0. The speaker boasts of having a connection range of 30 feet, but tests have shown that when you about 25 feet from the speaker, the music is distorted. If you intend to use Bluetooth devices, ensure that you stay closer to the speaker.


Soundboks Output Quality


This must be one of the loudest speakers on the market, especially being a Bluetooth speaker. It has two sets of speaker drivers; an 8-inch bass or mid cone and a dual set of tweeters. Each of the set of drivers has about 46 watts of sound output. The quality of the sound produced will depend on the connection. The wired connection tends to produce a better sound quality that the Bluetooth connectivity, which varies.


Soundboks Battery


When using the speaker on medium volume, the battery can last up to 30 hours. If you should to go full blast, then you should expect a battery life of about 8 hours. This means it can even last longer if used on a low volume.


Final Thoughts


Soundboks is a really loud speaker that would make any party or festivals go wild. However, if you are looking for a sound system that offers quality sound when you are listening to your favorite tunes, this would be the right fit, especially if you are at a festival and you want to enjoy the sweet feeling of a good music. On Ecommercenow International you will find interesting articles from every topic you are looking for.