Blog » Three suggestions for the best computer games ever


It can be hard to look for a new game for your computer that you can immerse yourself in on your screen from Philips. There are an awful lot of computer games to choose from. Over the past ten years, the stories in gaming for the computer have really taken a positive turn. Next, the graphics should also be mentioned – it sometimes looks better than reality does. On this list you will find a few suggestions for the best games for your computer. However, it should be said that this list does not cover all games at all.


The game for you who love fantasyThe Witcher is a great series of games for you, who love to take you into a whole different world. We especially recommend The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As you enter the game world, you take on the character Geralt of Rivia. He is a "witcher" (hence the name of the game), who uses his magical powers to protect and help the inhabitants of the magical world. The final game of the series explores new northern kingdoms in a whole new way. Dragons, grifters, trolls and the like are the magical creatures that you hope to run into when solving main scenario quests. The game for you who loves speed The games in the Grand Theft Auto series are in their very own category. In the games you take on the character of a criminal. Your purpose is to become the King of the criminal underworld. Of all the games, Grand Theft Auto 5 is particularly highlighted as something very special. The game world is gigantic and it is almost impossible to explore the entire virtual world. So even if you complete all the main scenario quest, it won't hurt to play Grand Theft Auto 5 through again. There is definitely always more to see and do. Play alone or with other players online in the beautiful world of Los Santos.


The game for you who loves fighting and shootingBattlefield is the ideal game if you have a particular desire to be a first-person shooter in the middle of a world war. Battlefield 1 is the latest and most popular among the games. In the game you are in the middle of World War I. Through a variety of battles, you will feel the heat of the battle on your own virtual body. However, do not count on finding yourself in a trench. The games focus more on chaos and machine guns. The makers of the games have listened to their consumers, and they have developed on items and issues that users appreciate. At the same time, they have also dropped the items that users did not like.


It was three suggestions for the best games for the computer ever. There are many more great games such as X-com 2, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and BioShock Infinte. Maybe they'll be on the next list. What game for the computer do you think of when someone asks you for advice on a new purchase?