Blog » Use Microsoft Outlook for your Android device

Microsoft Outlook is the popular email client we use from the computer to handle our mail correspondence, appointments and contacts.

Download Microsoft Outlook for Android

With Microsoft Outlook for Android, you can get your entire Outlook platform on your mobile phone or tablet computer. As an app, Outlook for Android is free to download and use - provided you already have an active installation of Microsoft Outlook on either your desktop computer or laptop. 

Microsoft Outlook for Android gathers all your mail accounts in one place and Microsoft has been able to develop a mobile design that is manageable and easy to access (often it's impossible to handle email clients on a small screen, but Outlook to Android is cleverly designed and user-friendly even on smaller screenshots). 

The main focus of the app is the actual inbox as this is the focal point of most of the time you spend in Outlook. You can see all the emails you receive and unread emails are clearly marked so you know if you have received new email. If you have received an email from someone in your contact list, a picture of the contact has been specified to the left of the email. 

You can easily switch between inbox and your calendar or contact list. In your calendar, you can list all your appointments, meetings or events that you need to remember and be notified about in time. 

If you receive an email with an attachment that is stored in a Microsoft supported file format such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint, you can open them directly in Outlook - if you already have the other Microsoft apps installed on your mobile device, you can open for example a Word document, correct it and attach to the email and reply with your corrections. 

Microsoft provides ongoing security and feature updates to the Outlook app, so you do not have to worry about the security issues. However, we would always recommend installing an antivirus program for your mobile phone or tablet computer – we recommend the security solutions from AVG.