Blog » What to do on your summer vacation in Denmark

If you spend your summer vacation in Denmark, there are a lot of things to do. It depends on where you stay. Even though Copenhagen has most of the tourist attractions, both Funen and Jutland have a lot of things to see and stuff to do.


Visit all of Denmark

Beside visiting the Little Mermaid, Tivoli, Strøget and Nyhavn in Copenhagen, which is the most common thing to visit when in Denmark. Those attractions are most certainty wort a visit, but now that Denmark is such a small country you can visit much more than Copenhagen. Aarhus and Odense are big cities as well, Aarhus is the biggest city in Jutland and Odense is the biggest city on Funen. Aarhus has tourist attractions as well, they have for example the famous art museum Aros known for the colored roof top and they have The Old Town Museum in Danish Den Gamle By, which is a good place to visit in the summer time. Beside of that, both Aarhus and Copenhagen are big cities with a beach in walking distance from the city center.      


Have fun and be active

Odense does not have a beach in walking distance, but there are a lot of beaches on Funen. Nonetheless there are a lot to experience anyway. You can visit the house of Hans Christian Andersen or go on a river cruise on Odense Å. But there are other things to do in smaller cities, in August there is for example outdoor activities organized by Outdoor Sydfyn. It is outdoor events for the whole family and for “action people” who is interested in extreme sport. Outdoor Sydfyn has the coolest challenges in the most beautiful surroundings. This event is perfect to families with young children. There are for example children’s MTB race in Danish Børne MTB løb and the mountain bike race for children which in Danish is called børne mountainbike løb.