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Privacy and cookies on

Updated 2022, August 10th

Cookies and privacy

When you're visiting there are being gathered information about you, your computer and your pattern on the website. On this page you can find out in detail what information that we're gathering, how we protect and use those informations and who you can contact in regards to this. has agreed to follow the law, rules and code of conduct in regards to cookies and privacy dictated and recommended by the USA and international organizations.

2. Cookies

When you're visiting or one of its subpages you'll automatically receive one or more cookies. If you do not wish to receive our cookies you can find out how to avoid them in section 2.3. There you can also find out how to partly avoid cookies and delete the ones already present at your computer.

2.1 What is a cookie?

A cookie is actually just a tiny file, containing text. It's being stored in your browser and it can be recognized by the website that has placed it e.g. when you're visiting it later on. Its purpose is to remember your preferences. As an example this could be your login, so that you don't have to login at every new page you browse to on the website. A cookie can only contain text and numbers and it cannot contain personal information nor viruses.

2.2 How long time is a cookie stored.

It varies from cookie to cookie. Some are being deleted, when you close the browser. Other can exist for several years. Usually cookies are being deleted automatically after 12 - 24 months. However they are getting renewed each time you visit the website. You can deleted the cookies your self. Please see point 2.3 to find out how.

2.3 How do I avoid cookies

If you don't want to allow the use of cookies you're able to block the access to your computer for cookies. You can also delete the ones that are present currently. Furthermore you can select to manually approve each cookie.

How to delete cookies:

Delete cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Select "Security" in upper right corner
2. Click "Delete browserdata..."
3. Make sure that "Cookies" is selected and click "Delete"

Delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox

1. Select "History" in upper left corner
2. Click "Delete recent history…"
3. Make sure that you have selected "Cookies" and click "Clear now"

Avoid cookies in the future

It's easy to avoid cookies in general. What you've to do is to choose to surf anonymous. Most browsers supports this and you can activate it though its settings and often just by right clicking you browser icon and select "Surf privately".

If you're using a browser that is not mentioned here and you can't figure out how to do it, you're very welcome to contact us and we'll help you and add the information to this page. You can also try to get help through the build in help section in your browser. It's often opened by clicking F1. Then search for "cookies".

2.4 What are using cookies for?

We're using cookies to make the website more user-friendly and to obtain demographic and user related statistics. In this way we're able to adjust the content and services according to the our users interests and preferences.

We do also use cookies to deliver targeted ads and to register clicks and similar on our ads.

2.5 Technical cookies

We use several technical cookies to make sure the website works as you expect it to and for your safety. Here's how we do it:

2.5.1 Customization

On some pages we're trying to present content that we expect is more relevant to you in regards to your previous pattern. In this way you do not have to make the same choices and login every time that you're visiting us.

2.5.2 Safety

When you're about to buy software from one of the online stores that is linking to you'll experience that they're using cookies to make sure it don't take to long time for you to place the order. This is to make sure other people can't get to your personal information and credit card information should you leave a public computer in the middle of the purchase.

2.5.3 Functionality

Some times it's necessary for us to place a cookie to make sure functions on works as you'd expect it to.

2.5.4 Third party cookies is using several third party cookies. You can choose to block third party cookies specifically in your browser settings.

These cookies are being used by our ad providers to make sure you're not being presented to the same ad again and again and to show ads that are more relevant to you.

Furthermore third party cookies are being used to create statistics of visitors at We track things such as, what pages that are being visited and how long time users are staying on each of the,. For that we're using the Google Analytics system.

2.6 Personal information

We never give away any of your personal information to third parties. And we don't collect none either unless you've typed them in your self.

2.7 Use of personal information

At the moment we're only using personal information to register newsletter and website submissions.

2.8 Contact in regards to personal information

If you wish to access the information that has registered of you, you're welcome to to contact us through the contact information stated in the bottom of this page. If there are any incorrect data or if you have any other objections you're welcome to contact us as well. You're allowed to be informed on which informations that has been registered about you and you can always object against any registered information according to our privacy politics.

2.9 Protection of personal information

According to law and good conduct we're required to store your personal information in a safe and confidential manner. We're saving your information on computers with limited access, which are placed in controlled facilities and our security are being reviewed several times a year to make sure that it meets the current demands. We cannot issue any guarantees even though we're doing all in our power to protect the information. There will always be a risk that people with bad intentions force access to the information. Therefore registering your information at is on your own risk.

Due to the fast development in our business we might have to change some of our politics rapidly. If so we'll notify you though our newsletter, Facebook group and of course on this page.

Guidelines and rules when using doing its utmost to provide the best experience and protection, when you use our free service. You should however families yourself with our guidelines/rules below to ensure yourself the best experience and security. By using you do confirm that you understand and agree to the below written rules.

A. is a provider of software reviews. We do not produce or provide service for any software. Our service is free to use and we do not sell anything to private persons from

B. When you download files from's own server it has been scanned for viruses and malware. This should not make you regard everything as 100 % as we cannot make any guarantees. Instead we urge you to install a antivirus program your self as well to secure your computer as good as possible.

C. and the content delivered here is done so without any form of guarantee. The same is the case with content delivered by third parties on the website.

D. is not responsible for problems or defects on your computer that occur because of software downloaded from here. are nor liable to pay any form of compensation in that case or in other cases caused by problems occurring while visiting or using our services.

E. Any review, service or product found on can be changed, removed or closed down without any further notice. are therefore not liable to keep any form of service regardless of some users might suffer a economical loss or any other loss due to this.

F. All informations on are protected by law of copyright. This means that no information can be copied or used in any way in its whole or partly unless a written concession has been acquired from

G. When information from are being used according to point F. it has to be with a clear presentation of as source, which includes our brand and a link to our website.

H. We are not responsible for the quality, security or anything else on the website that third party links at are leading to. We do however try only to link and recommend websites that are trustworthy and of high quality.

I. When you're downloading from many of the files will be downloaded through our installer. This happens for many reasons. Most importantly it secures our servers against abuse furthermore it generates income, when a user decides to try software that are being promoted within the installer. This is necessary for us to provide this free service.

J. respect copyright, brands, pictures and any other assets owned by other persons or companies. If you mean that you're entitled to be mentioned as a source or if you think we're violating any of your rights we urge you to contact us. Then we'll correct it right away. Everything used at has been used in good faith and with respect for other people/companies work and the law.

K. Download of software, mods, drivers, documents etc. from or a third party server is done on the users own initiative and responsibility. The user is liable to make sure the software is being used correctly by reading the included help files and license agreements on each download.

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