RSS-feed voor Tue, 25 Jun 2024 13:35:56 CEST De nieuwste software op 100 Years: Life Simulator "100 Years: Life Simulator" offers an intriguing approach to mobile gaming where players guide a character through various life stages from birth to death, making decisions that shape their character's fate. Developed by Voodoo, the game invites players to partake in a virtual journey through the many decisions of life and their consequences. "Toca Boca" translates to "Touch Mouth" in English. "Toca Boca, a series of apps designed for mobile use, has revolutionized the way children interact with digital media. These applications, which were launched in 2010, allow children to engage in a wide range of exciting and educational activities. From cooking in virtual kitchens to building entire communities in imaginative worlds, Toca Boca offers a versatile and safe platform for creative play." Alan Wake II Are you a fan of the classic game Alan Wake? Then continue the frightening adventure in the sequel, now available for purchase and download on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation! TranslucentTB 2023.1 Get a transparent and delicious start menu in your favorite color with TranslucentTB for Windows! Download the app for free on your PC! 3D Chess Game Download the 3D Chess Game and get an amazing chess game for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android! The game is completely free of charge! Paint 3D 6.2305.16087.0 Paint 3D is a user-friendly Windows program that allows you to create stunning 2D and 3D drawings! Download it for free on your PC and unleash your creativity! Microsoft Sudoku 2.8.10203.0 Get access to tons of challenging sudoku puzzles in the computer game Microsoft Sudoku, available for free download on Windows! Microsoft Jigsaw 2.6.6091.0 Enjoy a wide variety of beautiful puzzles on your computer with Microsoft Jigsaw, available for free download! Warsow 2.1.2 Warsow is a free shooter game filled with thrilling levels that you can play both offline and online! Download the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux now! Speedtest by Ookla Check your speed for free with Speedtest by Ookla! Download the app for Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, Android, and Apple TV! VisBilleder "View Images" 3.8 ViewImages for Windows is a photo viewer with basic photo editing tools. Download the app for free now! SuperTux 0.6.3 SuperTux is an entertaining Super Mario clone featuring the Linux penguin Tux, where you can play both the included levels and even create your own! Download the game for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux! iTop Screen Recorder Get the free version or purchase the pro version of iTop Screen Recorder, which allows you to record videos of your desktop! Check out our review of the program on this page! Widget Launcher 4.0.5 Get the free Widget Launcher for Windows and access smart widgets such as a calendar and an RSS reader that you can place anywhere on your desktop! Stock Desktop Widget 8.6.300 Download Stock Desktop Widget and get smart widgets on your desktop with the latest stock prices! The tool is available in both a limited free version and a paid version with access to all features. Free Stocks Ticker 2.0.21 Get Free Stocks Ticker for your Windows PC and stay up-to-date with the latest stock prices and news right on your desktop! Chart Geany 6.3.3 Use Chart Geany to study stock charts and manage your personal stock portfolio. The tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and can be downloaded for free! Extreme Tux Racer 0.8 Ride through snow-covered mountains with the penguin Tux in Extreme Tux Racer! Download the game for free on both Windows and Linux! Flameshot 12.1.0 Take easy and fast screenshots with Flameshot, which also allows you to edit and upload them to the internet! The tool is free for Windows, Mac, and Linux! Desk clock 2.1 Do you miss an old-fashioned analog clock with hands? Desk clock for Windows is a clock that can be placed on the desktop, so you always have the clock close at hand! Download the program for free! Cross and Bun 1.0 Can the classic cross and bun game work as a quiz game? Get the answer with the Danish-developed Kryds og Bolle, which you can download for Windows completely free! Yatzy2 2.1 Are you crazy about the dice game yatzy? The developer Flembo has made a PC version of the game for Windows that you can download absolutely free! Trelby 2.2 Write amazing movie scripts and become the next big screenwriter with Trelby! The program is open source, and you can download it for free for both Windows and Linux! eduActiv8 4.21.07 Looking for fun educational software for your child? eduActiv8, which is free to download, is a collection of small word quizzes, math games and more! ksnip 1.10.1 ksnip is a screenshot tool with lots of useful annotation features! You can quickly edit your screenshots and add circles, arrows watermarks and much more. Download ksnip for free!