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There are just some programs that seem to fit better in our section with games. So we have placed those programs exactly there. Or in other words right here. In this section you'll find programs, which could prove themselves very helpful to gamers. It could be DosBox, which is pretty much a must if you dig abandonware.

You'll also be able to download mods for e.g. Counter Strike, read reviews of games and download useful information, such as the Prince of Persia Manual poison codes here. We hope these downloads will help you to success and glory in exactly your favorite game.  


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  • Deamon Tools download


    With Deamon Tools you can make your computer think that choosen CDs or DVDs are in the drive. Deamon Tools creates a phony CD drive, in which it mounts a choosen image of a CD or DVD, so programs think that the CD or DVD actually is inserted. The program can be used to formats as: cue, iso, bwt, cdi, b5t, ccd, mds, nrg and pdi.

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