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Boost your website speed and security for free!

Boost your website speed and security for free! download

We know. That sounds like an ad. It's not though. We were just amazed by this service for webmasters by webmasters, called CloudFlare that we just had to share with you. In short it'll make your site faster and safer in just five minutes.

So what's all the fuzz about? If you're a webmaster, then you’re probably already aware of some of the major issues that is connected with managing a website. You have to think of a million different things to make your website a success and on top of that consider security and speed. Both topics of possible issues, that usually are very hard to cover if you’re a small or medium sized online business.

Here's where CloudFlare comes in to the picture. This service will cache your site to servers all over the world. The point of doing this is to ensure your users the best possible load time, no matter, where they are located. Secondary this secures your business should your primary server fail as your website will load from any one of the other ones. And of course, this makes it really hard for hackers and other users to exploit your site, put it down, shake you down and similar.

Now we know, what you might think now. It all sounds pretty good but is it trustworthy? Well, we had the same thought. CloudFlare has been around since 2009 and have had a lot of press coverage in different medias - Wall Street Journal as an example. Furthermore it serves costumers, such as the Turkey government, Sratfor and Metallica. And they have nothing less than 23 data centers. So yes, it seems trustworthy.

Also it's good to know that they offer their service in a free version so there is absolutely no risk in trying out this great service, which might just boost your rankings on search engines and secures your websites before it's to late.

Don't hesitate try CloudFlare for free today right here.