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Fortnite: Summer event with rides, concerts, and more

Fortnite: Summer event with rides, concerts, and more download

Fortnite's last major story update released on June 4, 2022. In the live event, which was given the name 'COLLISION', players had to group up with other players while controlling a mechanical bear that they had to use to kill the warring enemies at the end of the Zero Point story.

After fighting their way to the center of the nexus, the players saw various small easter eggs, which acted as clues concerning the game's upcoming collaborations. Among other things, Darth Vader made a small cameo in which he recited one of his iconic lines. After shooting the core down inside the engine room, the player, Jones, and the Resistance are all shot out of the room and are then left to soar down through the clouds.

The war that has prevailed in Fortnite over the last few months has finally reached its climax and the story can therefore be closed off. After the live event, players could see a glowing sponge on their screen, which lit up in time with the trance-like music in the background. The post-war period has begun.

After war comes inspiration and life

Fortnite's player base has once again saved both itself and the entire planet from complete annihilation - and this calls for a celebration. Therefore, the latest season of Fortnite is also centered around topics such as celebration, partying, relaxation, joy, and luxury. This is done to make the change from one season to the other seem as stark as possible. After all, after the darkness that the war brought over the game, it is now time for the players to find their way back to Fortnite's core value, which is having fun with your friends and becoming immersed in the cool game world.


The new Battle Pass in Chapter 3 Season 3

This season's first Battle Pass is also far more aesthetically focused than the previous season's Battle Pass, which was heavily regarded as primarily being a Marvel collaboration with various superheroes (including Spiderman, the Scarlet Witch, and Dr. Strange). This time, players can look forward to a Battle Pass full of fashion phenomena and summer inspired attire.

Of course, players won’t be missing out on the opportunity to get a few iconic skins this time around as well - and this is where the live event comes back again. Epic Games has chosen to collaborate with LucasFilm, which means players can look forward to skins, weapons, and gliders inspired by some of this film studio's most iconic characters. 

Among other things, you can get a Darth Vader skin or dress up as Indiana Jones, with a complete set of treasure hunter gear. Or how about gliding down from the clouds on one of Star Wars 'iconic gray drone planes or how about smashing rocks, trees or buildings with an Egyptian-inspired artifact from one of Jones' many treasure hunts?

And much, much more

VIBIN’, which is the name of the new season, offers lots of new experiences for players, from areas full of giant mushrooms to jump around on, large beachy areas full of pool floats and parasols, to the mysterious, luminous tree and mountain that has been turned into a futuristic amusement park.

Summer will be fun in Fortnite's latest season - and we're sure you'll probably get a lot of awesome rewards and memorable moments out of the season, no matter if you want to soak up the sun by the waterside or choose to shoot opponents while flying around the mountain of amusement. All in all, Fortnite's new, free update is a vibe; a summer vibe, to be exact. And you can get your hands on the newest season for free by downloading Fortnite from our website.