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How to Edit a PDF With PDF Converter Elite 5

How to Edit a PDF With PDF Converter Elite 5 download

PDF is known for its capability to keep document content preserved. That comes in handy when you want to make sure your document will get to the receiver without any changes. Not only is your document safe from unwanted editing, but it also keeps its formatting. It wouldn’t look professional to send a business document that it doesn’t look good on another computer. These things happen because editable file formats such as MS Office formats change their look when viewed on different operating systems or on different versions of MS Office.

Using PDF documents is always welcome until you need to edit a PDF. Then a problem arises, because PDF files are not so easy to edit. As a matter of fact, you need proper tools or programs that deal with PDF conversion. One such tool that converts PDFs back and forth is PDF Converter Elite 5. With this tool you actually edit a PDF in two different ways.


How to Edit a PDF Directly

Start the program and open a PDF file you want to edit. You can open a file by clicking the proper icon on the Menu. When you click the Edit icon a sidebar will show up on the right. You will see different editing options that enable you to edit a PDF without converting it to editable formats. This type of PDF editing is convenient in cases when you need to make small changes to your document.

You can add or remove certain parts of the text, by clicking the buttons Add or Delete. For instance, click on Add and then click on the document where you want to add additional text. You can even change font, and its size and color.

If you need to change the size or a position of your PDF document, you can do so by using Resize, Scale and Rotate pages. What is more convenient, you can choose what pages of a PDF document, you will rotate or scale.

When you need to insert a page or a number of pages of another PDF document, into an existing one, there is a solution for that as well. Click on Merge PDF Files and you will be able to join PDFs.

How to Edit a PDF Indirectly 

In situations when you need to apply multiple changes to your PDF file, you should better convert it to Word or other suitable file format. When all changes have been made, the file can be easily created to PDF again. So, instead of clicking on the Edit icon , choose the appropriate file conversion type. For instance, convert a PDF to Word and then click Convert button. The converted file can be opened in MS Word and there you can make all necessary edits. When you finish with the editing file, don’t close Microsoft Word document. Click on Print option instead and from the list of printers choose PDF Converter Elite 5. Click the Print button and in a few seconds your file will be converted to PDF again.

That’s it! Next time you need to edit your PDF documents, try one of these solutions. But don’t forget to install PDF Converter Elite on your computer first!