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How-to: Read & Write SMS Text Messages From The Computer Free of Charge!

How-to: Read & Write SMS Text Messages From The Computer Free of Charge! download
There are many advantages of using the computer as an SMS client. For example, it is difficult to type on the phone's touch-screen, the autocorrect function guesses wrong, it's slow and buggy. We have the solution here.

Use Your PC, Mac or Linux

If you are sitting in front of the computer everyday it is natural to use it for SMS texting. To do this you need the install a little free app for your Android phone called BrowserTexting: Download BrowserTexting for Free. Once you have installed BrowserTexting on your phone, simply go to the website and press "Start Texting From This Computer" You will now be presented with a QR code that you must scan with the BrowserTexting-app you just downloaded: BrowserTexting - QR code Once you have scanned the code, all your contacts get uploaded to the browser and you can now start to write and receive SMS messages on your computer: BrowserTexting - Screenshot

Write Bulk Messages to an Unlimited Number of Recipients

There are several advantages to using BrowserTexting above normal SMS text messaging from the phone - including the possibility of group messaging. Select either a predefined group of recipients in your contact list (marked with a group icon in the address list) or select several recipients for an SMS message by holding down CTRL (Windows) or ALT (Mac) key while you click on the contacts you want add to the message.

Facebook-like Experience

Several things make BrowserTexting feel like a facebook chat: • Pop-up sound when new messages arrive. • The number of unread messages is displayed with a small red icon on each tab. • Desktop Notifications (when you get a text message a popup message appears on your desktop). (this feature needs to be activated manually under "Settings" and works only in the Google Chrome browser)

A Great Advantage

Reading and writing text messages on your computer bring many advantages: • BrowserTexting works on networks where social sites such as Facebook is blocked. • It is much faster and with fewer errors typing SMS messages on the computer keyboard. • Read and write messages without your cell phone. You can leave it in the charger, pocket or at home. • Nobody realizes that you're writing text messages when you're sitting in front of the computer. It is a great advantage for students, employees in open plan offices, receptionists and many others. • It's easy to write text messages with multiple recipients. Send invitations or group SMS messages quickly and easily. • Popup and audio notifications makes it a chat-like experience to text. Our Verdict We thought SMS was dead - but with an app like BrowserTexting SMS text messaging is reborn! Read our review of BrowserTexting here.