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How to save a lot of money on your broadband

How to save a lot of money on your broadband download

Broadband is a necessity for many. Because without it, you can not skype with your family, play Counter Strike online against your friends, etc. But broadband is also not quite cheap and the subscription price can easily reach the 300-400 kr. / Month. But, because it can be so expensive, it's also an expense where you can really save some money by finding a cheaper provider.

And at a cheaper provider, you may not need to compromise on speed, data usage or the like. In most cases, you can find a much cheaper provider than your current, which has the same speed, data usage, etc. However, it may be a smaller jungle if you have to go around and compare prices, speeds, etc. on the many different providers.

Therefore, we have made a table below which we have collected the cheapest providers at different intervals (eg 10 mbit / s speed, etc.) so there is a provider for each need. And below, we've provided a description of the things to consider before going out and spending money on a new broadband provider.

Our recommendations

Below we have collected the cheapest providers of common (ADSL, fiber or cable) broadband and mobile broadband for different speed and data intervals. However, we recommend that you read the text below the table before purchasing a new broadband provider, as it is important that you first find out what your needs really are with regard to broadband.

For example, if you have 15 GB of data in your mobile broadband subscription, but only use 10 GB, you'll be able to save some money from choosing a 10 GB subscription instead of 15 GB.

Common broadband

Common broadband means either ADSL, fiber network or cable broadband. However, we have chosen to include only ADSL and cable broadband in the table below, since it is far from anyone who can get fiber networks. We have found the cheapest suppliers with. The following download speeds, 4 mbit / s, 10 mbit / s, 15 mbit / s, 20 mbit / s and 50 mbit / s.

Price per month
Bolignet 179 kr. 4/1 mbit 6 months 1,273 kr.

Fullrate 199 kr. 10/1 mbit 6 months 995 kr.

Yousee 219 kr. 15/3 mbit 1 month 319 kr.

249 kr. 20/2 mbit 6 months 1,245 kr.

Fullrate 299 kr. 50/5 mbit 6 months 2,192 kr.

Mobile Broadband

We have found the cheapest providers of mobile broadband with the following GB data in the subscription, 500mb, 2gb, 5gb, 10gb and 40gb.

Price per month
Before use
Call me 29 kr. 12/4 mbit 1 month 500 MB

OiSTER 49 kr. 20/4 mbit 1 month 2 GB

Fullrate 100 DKK. 6/1 mbit 6 months 5 GB

OiSTER 99 kr. 20/4 mbit 1 month 10 GB

Telmore 249 kr. 71/43 mbit 1 month 40 GB

If you want to compare even more broadband providers than the two tables above, visit the website Here you can easily and quickly compare a large selection of broadband providers, including speed, data, price etc.

Prepare your needs

When you need to clarify your broadband needs, there are primarily 1-2 things that you need to find out. Is it common broadband, it's primarily the speed, while it's mobile broadband, it's both speed and data.


A speed consists of a download and upload speed. You need your download speed when downloading files (for example, a picture from your mail), opens Facebook, etc. Where the upload speed is used when uploading files, it can be a picture on Facebook or similar. For example, a broadband speed can be set at 10/5 mbit / s, where 10 mbit / s will be your download speed, while 5 mbit / s will be your upload speed. (For most subscriptions, except for fiber networks, download speed will be higher than upload speed as people more often download inft uploader).

What speed you need depends on what you need it. Because you just use it to check emails once in a while and surf a bit on Facebook, you do not need the same speed as you like, for example, streaming streams of HD movies on Netflix. It may therefore be a good idea to use Waoo's Speed ??Guide to get a sense of the speed you should have in your subscription.

With it you can see how fast you can download files, music, video or movies at different speeds, thus estimating you to the speed you want. Of course, you are already satisfied with the speed you have on your current subscription, so of course you just have to stick to that speed.

data usage

Is the mobile broadband you need, then the included data is also an important criterion (for common broadband it is not necessary as there is virtually unlimited usage of data). How much data you need in your subscription depends on what you need to use the internet and how much you need it. For someone who should be able to use services like Skype, play online games, etc. Needless to say, use more data than a person who will check and check emails and the like.

If you do not really know how much data you need in your subscription, then you can use this tool. With it you can set how many mails you approx. sends by day how much you surf, how much you stream movies etc. Also, it will provide an estimate of how much data you need in your subscription.

If you already have a mobile broadband subscription, you can use it to find out how much data you need. For most providers, one can see on their websites how much data they have used. Therefore, it may be a good idea to go in and investigate how much data you approx. have spent every month the last 4-6 months, and based on that information you can determine how much data you need.

Other things

There are, of course, other criteria that will help you to find a broadband provider. For example, the provider's reputation (you can often get a feel on their Trustpilot page), bonuses (such as free router tracking, or free subscription to other products, for example, you get a free subscription to HBO when purchasing mobile broadband at Telia), etc.

But these are the two criteria, speed and possibly. data that is the most important.

What now?

Now that you've got to know what your needs are about speed, data, etc. then it's time for us to find the cheapest broadband provider that exactly meets your needs. Ie If you want 10 GB of data in your mobile broadband subscription, we need to find the cheapest provider that offers 10 GB of their subscription.

n: justify; "> And it's just here that you can use the two tables for ordinary and mobile broadband at the top of this page. Because we've just found the cheapest provider that covers different needs, so you No need to spend time even comparing all providers. (Or you can also use the website if you want to compare even more providers).