Blog » Efficient cleaning - this is how you get a tidy home today

A tidy home can be more important to your well-being than you think. Time to clean up the mess? We give you smart tips for efficient cleaning. Many are tired of the eternal mess that appears, and the stacks of papers that mysteriously keep returning.

Some cleaning tips to start with

First and foremost, clean up after yourself. It's not really that difficult, but clearly something many people struggle with in a busy everyday life. Here you simply have to get your act together - don't let the mess build up. Make sure that all the things in the home have a fixed place - and remember to put it back in its place after use. Do a proper cleaning four or five times a year and throw away everything you don't need so that it doesn't just take up space. If you find it difficult on your own, you may hire a Domestic staff agency to get some help on the way.

Storage in the kitchen

Tidy up drawers and cupboards; cooking becomes much more efficient when you know where you have things. Put loose plastic bags in a bag holder and attach "adhesive hooks" to the inside of the cupboard door under the sink so that you can hang up the kitchen towel and rubber gloves.

Many people are often annoyed that cans, spices and other small things are so far back in the cupboard that you cannot reach them. Get hold of a turntable so that it will be easier to reach the grace you are looking for. Also do a proper clean-up in all cupboards and throw away anything that has expired. Things you use often, such as the salt and pepper shaker, can be put on a nice dish on the counter.

Storage in the bathroom

Stock up on toilet paper in the bathroom, and you'll avoid the crisis that suddenly occurs when it's empty. This can be stored in a neat holder nearby, so you always have control over when it starts to run out. It is also a good idea to purchase storage boxes and baskets for soaps, creams and other products, so you have everything in one place.

Clean and organize your jewelry. Hang tangled chains on a peg. A jewelry stand is both beautiful and practical for everything from earrings, rings and bracelets. Do you lack space for extra bed linen, blankets and towels? Go buy a bed roller or two, which you can keep under the bed. These are also brilliant in children's rooms and can be used to store all toys and other things that float on the floor.

Create your own system

Create a system in your wardrobe on a budget. Organize by color, fabric or occasion – whatever suits your system best. Cleaning up the shoe chaos can also pay off: High heels, flat shoes, sandals and trainers separately. Place shoes you rarely wear at the back. Windowsills and bookshelves may also need cleaning every now and then. Sort objects by color, and books/CDs in alphabetical order. It's practical, and automatically makes it look tidy.