Blog » Essential programs for your new Mac

If you just bought a new Mac, there are some programs you should download and install before you start using your new computer. These programs will make your life easier and for sure will make you experience with your Mac even better as well!

Programs for writing and presentations

You are probably familiar with Microsoft Office software such as Word and PowerPoint. They are safe choices when it comes to writing and formatting text or for creating spectacular presentations. Today, Microsoft also provides these programs in simpler and free version through your browser. Office Online programs lack some more complicated features but give you all the basics. Google also offers Docs, a free browser-based tool for formatting and writing text, as well as Slides for free presentations. Although these programs cannot make you understand comprehensive hematology analyzers, it for sure can make your job or studies a bit easier.  

Store important files in the cloud

Today, it is wise to download all important files to a network location, usually called the cloud. There are several free cloud-based services, and you can usually also buy some extra space for them for a small fee if needed. Sometimes you have to remember to upload files to the cloud yourself, but with some services you can also set the data to be automatically migrated. Apple users are offered a dedicated iCloud service for Apple devices. It's easy to sync and transfer data between all your Apple devices. You can also purchase additional space in iCloud if needed.

Google also provides its users with a cloud-based storage service, called Drive, which is easy to manage both in the browser on the computer and through the smartphone app. Dropbox is another great option for cloud storage delivery. It will install a folder on your computer where you can transfer or copy files, which is also available on all devices you're signed in with your Dropbox account.

Programs for creative work

If your goal is to unleash your creativity with your new computer, you need the right software for it. For a monthly fee, Adobe Creative Cloud offers everything you could ever imagine you would need for creative work: Various editing tools for images and video, and, for example, Adobe's extensive font library.

If you prefer a slightly more affordable option, you can purchase a versatile image editing software called Affinity for a one-time fee. In addition to Adobe programs, Affinity also has a huge amount of educational videos for example on YouTube. If you only want to make simple edits to your photos, you can use the application called Photopea for free in your browser.

Antivirus software

In addition to all useful software for various purposes, you should not forget about virus protection. Before setting up your computer, it's a good idea to choose virus protection to protect your computer from all kinds of security threats. This is a great precaution so that you keep your files safe, and in order to keep your new Mac as long as possible.