Blog » Guide to fast broadband all over the world

Have you ever tried being on a nice vacation where everything was perfect but where you have suddenly just started to miss your good, stabile internet connection? Most people have. We are getting used to fast Internet – and as we use the internet more and more, the fast and stabile internet connection gets more and more important.

Also when we travel. Most people cannot just go on a vacation and leave every electrical appliance at home. Most of us still need to make a Facetime- or Skype call or send an e-mail when we are on vacation – and therefore most people bring their phone, their tablet or even their computer when leaving for a nice, relaxing holiday.

In order to do the things, we need to do, the internet connection needs to be relatively fast and stabile – but let us face it: It rarely is. In this article, you can read more about how to get fast internet connection when travelling around the world so you can just enjoy your vacation without missing anything.


What do you need?

Most people will need stabile internet connection when they travel – fast internet connection is a bonus to make it a lot more convenient to use the internet. Yet the speed of the internet has a high impact on the stability.

But how fast does the broadband need to be for you to be able to use it when you are on vacation? First and foremost, it depends on what your purpose is.

If you need to check your business e-mails or read the paper on your phone, you only need a speed of 2-3 Mbit.

The speed needs to be higher if you want to watch movies or make a Skype call for instance. You can check the average broadband speed in all countries on this page. You simply click on the country you are interested in, and the average internet speed in Mbit per second is shown. In that way, you can prepare yourself before going on vacation so you will not be totally shocked when arriving to a country where the internet runs slow.


What can you do about slow broadband?

If you are going on vacation and you want a fast and stabile internet connection, you can bring your own. It may sound silly, but you can bring your own mobile broadband so you are able to connect to the Internet.

This may cost you money depending on your agreements with your provider but it may be worth it if you need the Internet strongly.

You can also choose to join a local mobile plan while being on vacation. There are lots of goods sites in the E.U. comparing and benchmarking speed and data for mobile subscriptions like this site for Norwegian mobile subscription plans.

Otherwise the best thing for you to do is to prepare yourself. Check out the map for information about internet stability and speed – and always have in mind that it can be affected. Some things – that no one can do anything about - can affect the internet connection, for example power cuts.