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If you work with SEO, online marketing or if you’re a website owner, SERPreme might be the perfect tool for you. Please keep on reading as we guide you through the great benefits of the tool and why you need SERPreme in your life.


What is SERPreme?

With SERPreme you can keep track of your keyword ranking very easily and affordable. The tool is offered in 130 languages and 191 countries, making it available for pretty much everyone. You can track your keywords in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. Best of all, SERPreme offers you full control, meaning that you decide how many keywords you want and which ones you want. Those you pick, are the only one you’ll pay for. Simple, right?


How does SERPreme work?

Say you might own a webshop that sells different products or offers specific services, and you might want to have an overview of your rankings. SERPreme is the tool that makes that process easy for you. When you register, you can simply add all the keywords you want to track and if you later on want to remove some of them, you can do that as well. When you track your keywords ranking you will get insight of what your costumers are interested in when they visit your website. This can help you make your website better. You will quickly notice what your costumers wants, and you can adapt your website to their needs. It is that easy!


Try it out for free

SERPreme are comfortable with the quality of their service and offers you a 31 days free trial before you purchase any keywords. You’ll don’t even need your credit card to register. After the 31 days free trial you only pay 0,09 cents (US dollar) per keyword per month. That means that with 100 keywords you only pay US$ 9 a month. If you only want to pay for one keyword, you can as well. This makes SERPreme the cheapest tool for rank tracking on the market. With the 31 days free trial, there is no excuses for not trying it out. You can easily go to their website and read much more about SERPreme.