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In this section you'll find our collection of full games. Yes, we know what you're thinking. What are full games? Well, it's full games! That means you download and can play the entire game. But... There are limitations to the games in this category. Often you'll only be able to play for like one hour. Then you'll have to pay to play on. However this is fair enough. Developer’s needs food too you know.

If you don't have money for computergames right now you can play the games in this section for free for the limited amount of time our visit one of our two sections with totally free games. Those are 1) Abandonware and 2) Free games. Either way we hope that you'll enjoy the games downloaded from

Categories in Full Games

  • » Action

    Bursting in, guns blazing and with an attitude to kill every monster in sight - that could be the situation in one of the action games from this category.
  • » Add-ons

    Download add-ons for your games in this section. This is typically an extension for a game such as Half-Life that ads new functions and maps.
  • » Adventure

    Here you'll find games that focus on great stories and fun game-play. All are in full versions and free to play for some time.
  • » Arcade

    This is our collection of entertaining arcade games. The arcade games of this section are all in full versions.
  • » Card & Boardgames

    Play poker games, backgammon, or many other entertaining games from this section.
  • » Children & Family

    Here you will find the best family and childrens games. It's games that even the youngest members of the family can play and at the same time you will learn different things by playing the games.
  • » Online games

    In this section you'll find a range of online games. This means that you should like to play live, online and with other players to enjoy these games.
  • » Simulation

    Simulation games are focused on simulating reality. These games can have supernatural elements but they are all centred around basic human activities such as controlling finances, building / making ho…
  • » Sports

    Sports games ranges from soccer to car racing games, full of fun and great graphics.
  • » Strategy

    Strategy games are usually played a bit slower than other games, because it mostly requires a bit more thinking and careful planning.

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