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DOSBox – A Small Guide

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A small DOSBox guide for beginners 1. Create a folder to your old games (e.g. C:abandonware) 2. Now install/extract your old games to the appropriate folders in C:abandonware. 3. Download, install and run DOSBox. 4. You’re now in a DOS window (DOSBox). 5. Type in the command: “mount c c:abandonware” 6. Now you’ve mounted your game directory. Type the command: “c:” 7. Now you’re in the folder called ”C:abandonware” where you’ve installed/extracted your games to. 8. Now choose a game you want to play. If you want to play the game “Discworld” make sure you have called the folder a name like “Discworld”. 9. Now type: ”CD Discworld" 10. Then type either: ”discworld.bat” or ”discworld.exe” depending on what file actually starts the game (this varies, but usually it is a *.exe file of *.bat file). Happy gaming, and feel free to contact us if problems persist.