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Games are good but free games are better. If that's your mantra you've clicked your way into the right section. We have collected and reviewed the most popular freeware games within the US. The games have been sorted into categories such as action, adventure and strategy. In that way you can easily find freeware games of the genre you like the most.

If you don't know which game to try out first we recommend you to take a glance under the name of the category you're interested in. Here you'll find two games from that category. But not just two random games are listed there. Instead you'll find the two most popular games from that category measured by the number of downloads of this game in the US. You can also click your way in to the category of your choice and check out the number of stars our reviewers has awarded to each game. However you should not hesitate to go on as the games here are totally free and safe to download and play. Enjoy!

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